[Walkthrough] My Mystic Romance: Levi

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[Walkthrough] Levi

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[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] Chapter 1

[1] Thinking about the future.
[2] Enjoying the view from here.
[3] …Nothing.

[1] On an average level, yes
[2] Not so sure….
[3] Yes, I do

Scene 8
I. Where shall I start?
II. May I offer you a massage? [Chosen]
III. Shall I clean the room?

Scene 11
I. Wait in the room.
II. Go search for him. [Chosen]
III. Go back to my room.

Scene 12
I. I couldn’t find you.
II. I heard someone crying. [Chosen]
III. I’ll get back to work.


[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] Chapter 2

Scene 2
I. You got a cute little fan.
II. I want to thank you, too.
III. He just called you “cool.” [Chosen]

Scene 6
I. Keep upsetting him.
II. Am scared of him.
III. Can’t talk to him. [Chosen]

Scene 7
I. If I surprised him.
II. What he’s reading.
III. How big the library is. [Chosen]

Scene 9
I. Give it a try. [Chosen]
II. Gender doesn’t matter.
III. It won’t bore me.

Scene 14
I. That’s sweet.
II. Would you do that?
III. When is that? [Chosen]


[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] Chapter 3b

Scene 1
I. Lord Levi ignores me.
II. I want to be close to Lord Levi.
III. I can’t understand Lord Levi. <– correct answer

Scene 7
I. Go back.
II. Go further.
III. See what happens. <– correct answer

Scene 10
I. Hit the flower.
II. Try to pull the vine.
III. Try to stand still. <– correct answer

Scene 11
I. My knees are given up.
II. I was scared.
III. I can stand on my own. <– correct answer

Scene 14
I. To find Tollnacha.
II. To make aroma oil.
III. To find a flower. <– correct answer


[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] Chapter 4

Scene 3
I. “What does that mean?” <– correct answer
II. “How do you know?”
III. “Isn’t everyone?”

Scene 4
I. “Do you have any orders for me?”
II. “Would you ant me to make some tea?”
III. “Perhaps it would be better if you sit inside?” <– correct answer

Scene 8
I. “Do I look strange?”
II. “I didn’t want my hair to be in the way….”
III. “What is wrong?” <– correct answer

Scene 13
I. “It was so beautiful, I was lost with words.”
II. “I was looking at you.”
III. “I’m happy to be here.” <– correct answer

Scene 15
I. “I’m very happy.”
II. “I love it.”
III. “I will treasure it.” <– correct answer


[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] Chapter 5b

Scene 2
I. It just happened….
II. As a matter of fact. <– correct answer
III. No.

Scene 4
I. You getting upset.
II. You getting mad at Rucia.
III. You arguing with Rucia. <– correct answer

Scene 6
I. Mischievousness. <– correct answer
II. His beauty.
III. Attractiveness.

Scene 8
I. To know more of him.
II. To help him.
III. Them get along. <– correct answer

Scene 10
I. There’s no enemy here.
II. I’m on your side.
III. Please calm down. <– correct answer


[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] Chapter 6

Scene 2
I. He hates me.
II. He’s avoiding me.
III. Nothing happened. <– correct answer

Scene 5
I. Go ask Lord Rucia.
II. Ask Lord Levi later.
III. Listen from this side of the door. <– correct answer

Scene 14
I. Tell me about Mephi.
II. Are they really close. <– correct answer
III. He’s different at times.

Scene 15
I. Go back.
II. Look inside.
III. Call out to him. <– correct answer


[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] Chapter 7

Scene 4
I. “Why are you doing this?”
II. “Lord Levi trusts you.”
III. “Why are you working with the angels?” <– correct answer

Scene 7
I. “I didn’t want to stop you.”
II. “I didn’t want to hurt you.”
III. “I don’t know.” <– correct answer

Scene 10
I. Point at Lord Mephi.
II. I write down that Lord Mephi is a traitor.
III. Try to talk again. <– correct answer

Scene 14
I. “Do you like everyone in the residence?”
II. “Don’t you think Lord Levi is a strong person?”
III. “What would you do if there was a factional dispute within the country?” <– correct answer

Scene 15
I. I’m not going.
II. You’re right.
III. You got a point. <– correct answer


[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] Chapter 8b

Scene 1
I. “That is not true.”
II. “I enjoyed it.” <– correct answer
III. “You are a terrible person.”

Scene 8
I. Answer that I don’t know.
II. Look down silently. <– correct answer
III. Look at Lord Mephi.

Scene 11
I. “What do you want to do?”
II. “Do you want this country?”
III. “Do you want to destroy your family?” <– correct answer

Scene 14
I. “….It is true.”
II. “No.” <– correct answer
III. Silently glare at Mephi.


[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] Chapter 9

Scene 6
I. “I can’t do anything without any power.”
II. “I’m frustrated too.”
III. “My voice won’t reach anyone.” <– correct answer

Scene 9
I. “I assure you that I’ll save Lord Levi.”
II. “Why did you help me?”
III. “I won’t lose my way anymore.” <– correct answer

Scene 13
I. Will stay here.
II. Will be where Levi is.
III. Can’t be more serious. <– correct answer

Scene 14
I. “I understand.” <– correct answer
II. “That is true but…”
III. “I don’t care.”

Scene 15
I. “Strong at all.”
II. “To be honest, I am scared.”
III. “What you think I am.” <– correct answer


[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] Chapter 10

Scene 2
I. “It wasn’t just Lord Levi’s fault.” <– correct answer
II. “I only told you what I saw with my own eyes.”
III. “Lord Mephi might have had his reasons too.”

Scene 4
I. “I am not having cold feet.”
II. “I know.”
III. “There is no way I will regret.” <– correct answer

Scene 7
I. “What do you need me to do?”
II. “Could you take me to Lord Levi?”
III. “Can we get to where Lord Levi is from here?” <– correct answer

Scene 11
I. “Who cares if you are wretched?!”
II. “That’s right.”
III. “Because you mean something to me.” <– correct answer

Scene 14
I. “Didn’t you notice until now?”
II. “No. I’m not returning.”
III. “It doesn’t matter to me anymore.” <– correct answer



[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] Endings

1. Crimson Ending = 

2. Mystic Ending = 

3. Secret Ending = Select 48/48 Correct Answers/Choices

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