[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? My Sweet Prince+: All For Your Smiles Spin-off

[font_awesome icon=”fa-heart-o”] Shall We Date? My Sweet Prince+ [font_awesome icon=”fa-heart-o”]

[Walkthrough] All For Your Smiles Spin-off

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[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] Chapter 1

[1] Tell him to work hard. (Brilliant!)

[2] Ask if he’ll be late again tonight.


[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] Chapter 2

Shake off Jun’s arm.
[2] Convince him nothing is up. (Brilliant!)


[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] Chapter 3

I want him to enjoy it.
[2] I hope we can pull it off. (Brilliant!)


[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] Chapter 4

Tell him he’s being emotional.
[2] Show him how delighted you are. (Brilliant!)



[font_awesome icon=”fa-angle-double-right”] ENDINGS

1. Bad End = Default Ending 

2. Happy End = [font_awesome icon=”fa-star”] [spoiler button=”primary” show_text=”Show CG” hide_text=”Hide” type=”block” button_type=”inline”]spinoff[/spoiler]