The Cinderella Contract – The Royal Wedding

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The Royal Contract

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Current Languages: Japanese / English
Currency: Free, In-Game Currency
Gaming Platforms: Android , iPhone

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[font_awesome icon=”fa-star”] Story Summary [font_awesome icon=”fa-star”]

“You, a linguistically gifted correspondent, go with a client
to a party filled with foreign socialites.
Wait, are those hot socialites also princes!?
These gorgeous guys clamor around poor, disoriented you.
You let a prince escort you the rest of the evening, which passes like a dream.

Then, the next day…

You’re about to fly back home, when you get caught up in an investigation!
Coming to your rescue is a prince from last night…!?
And what’s more, he demands that you enter a contract marriage with him as thanks…

You can’t turn down his command!
Will you find true love at the end of the aisle?
Or will you find…”


[font_awesome icon=”fa-star”] Character Info & Path Walkthroughs [font_awesome icon=”fa-star”]

[accordion][accordion_section title=”(Rossiyskaya) – Yuri”] Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

Image Gallery [font_awesome icon=”fa-star”] Walkthrough

The wicked, sadistic prince: Yuri

This prince has a devilish side lurking under his sweet smile. He claims it was love at first sight!? Not that you mind a prince saying he loves you…
But you just met him; how can this be…!?[/accordion_section][/accordion]
[accordion][accordion_section title=”(Rossiyskaya) – Yelisei”]

EliseiImage Gallery [font_awesome icon=”fa-star”] Walkthrough

The innocent, nurturing prince: Yelisei

Yuri’s younger brother, the complete opposite in personality. Pure-hearted and always smiling.
You’re happy to gain a nice little brother, but his childish, overbearing antics are a bit much!?
His large stature doesn’t make you feel any safer, either…[/accordion_section][/accordion]

[accordion][accordion_section title=”(Flanelia) – Claude”]Claude

Image Gallery [font_awesome icon=”fa-star”] Walkthrough
Sequel Walkthrough

The pushy, alpha-male prince: Claude

This blue-eyed blond would be a textbook-perfect handsome prince if he weren’t so pushy and arrogant.
He pushes you to marry him and become a saint…
Everything is forcibly stolen from you…!?[/accordion_section][/accordion]
[accordion][accordion_section title=”(Flanelia) – Lugar”]Lugar

Image Gallery [font_awesome icon=”fa-star”] Walkthrough


The mysterious clergyman: Lugar

This cardinal is soft-spoken, but it’s unclear what’s really in his mind.
At the center of church politics, Claude opposes him and warns you to stay away…
But what if Lugar, suspecting you’re not a true saint, comes to investigate…!?[/accordion_section][/accordion]

[accordion][accordion_section title=”(Ingrays) – Cyril”]02

Image Gallery [font_awesome icon=”fa-star”] Walkthrough

The strong-willed hot-cold prince: Cyril

Is his rough, un-princelike speech just a way of covering his shyness?
He makes pretty bold statements, but his demeanor seems clumsy…
He says, “you should just fall in love with me.” What’s that supposed to mean…!?[/accordion_section][/accordion]
[accordion][accordion_section title=”(Ingrays) – Maynard”]06

Image Gallery [font_awesome icon=”fa-star”] Walkthrough

The dynamic, older prince: Maynard

Rebellious Cyril’s gentle, yet firm Dad.
Though his relationship with his son is strained, he’s always nice to you..
You come to rely on him for his maturity more and more…[/accordion_section][/accordion]

[accordion][accordion_section title=”(Turkiye) – Asena”]6Y7ADKq

Image Gallery [font_awesome icon=”fa-star”] Walkthrough

[accordion][accordion_section title=”(Turkiye) – Isuka”]Isuka

Image Gallery [font_awesome icon=”fa-star”] Walkthrough


[font_awesome icon=”fa-star”] Game Info & Tips [font_awesome icon=”fa-star”]

[font_awesome icon=”fa-mortar-board”] Charm & Elegance
Charm and elegance are a mandatory requirement, you need both in order to progress through your story. Each garment of clothes your avatar wears gives you a certain amount of charm, which in the end allows you to succeed more while doing love lessons. The succeeding in love lessons increase your elegance, of which you need a certain amount in order to progress through your story at certain checkpoints.

[font_awesome icon=”fa-mortar-board”] Love Lessons
You can increase elegance, feminine, and (rarely) suite room points when doing love lessons. Having higher charm than your rival is crucial in order to achieve an “excellent” ranking. If not, you will then receive the lowest score possible with a “good“ranking. The higher ranking you have the larger amount of elegance and feminine you will receive.  There are also ‘Lucky Hours’ & special events which allow you to achieve a higher amount of elegance and feminine.

[font_awesome icon=”fa-mortar-board”] Feminine
Feminine is the games free currency to use while buying clothes. You can easily obtain feminine through love lessons, invitation codes, and various interactions with friends (‘Do Nice Dress’ & Leave Messages’).

[font_awesome icon=”fa-mortar-board”] Platinum
You can get Platinum by paying real money. Platinum is used to buy avatar garments, reputation, and full resets of game content.

[font_awesome icon=”fa-mortar-board”] Suite Room and Suite Room Points
You can choose to hang out in the suite room of either character in your chosen route, and swap between them as often as you like. Decorate the rooms with items obtained from the Suite Room Gacha, which can be spun for free once a day or otherwise costs 200 suite room points per spin. Suite room points can be bought with platinum or earned from love lessons. Every fifth consecutive ‘Excellent’ will gain you 40 suite room points until your chain of ‘Excellence’ is broken.

[font_awesome icon=”fa-mortar-board”] Reputation / Affection
Reputation better known as affection, love, compatibility, etc. You can earn reputation for both guys in your chosen route, from choices made in the story as well as items obtained from spinning the Suite Room Gacha. The rose on the reputation bar will move up by one unit every 20 points for the primary character (Yuri, Claude, Cyril, Asena) and every 10 points for the secondary character (Yelisei, Lugar, Maynard, Isuka). Reputation can now be bought through the in-game shop using real money.

[font_awesome icon=”fa-magic”] Miss-Click Option
If you accidentally picked either a wrong answer or choose the wrong option between a premium or normal route all you have to do is close your app or press the back button and you’ll be able to start over from where you left off, as long as you did not reach the end of that scenario. (It will not deduct a scenario ticket.)

[font_awesome icon=”fa-magic”] (Warning) Contract Switching
Warning: You cannot switch between routes!!! You will have to buy a ‘Contract’ to be able to switch between routes.

[font_awesome icon=”fa-magic”] Gold & Royal Login Sheets
This may sound odd, but you should aim for a normal end on your 1st completion if you’re entirely not up to spending platinum for the royal end. The reason for this ridiculous request is that you will unlock the “Gold Login Sheet” that you can only upgrade to if you have completed normal end or royal end. This login sheet contains gacha tickets that you can save for the royal gacha that you can aim on your 2nd playthrough.

[accordion][accordion_section title=”Silver Login Sheet”]

silversheet silversheet2


[accordion][accordion_section title=”Gold Login Sheets”]



[accordion][accordion_section title=”Royal Login Sheets”]



[font_awesome icon=”fa-magic”] (Warning) Secondary Characters
If you are going for a secondary character, make sure to keep the primary character’s reputation as low as possible or you can run the risk of not being able to view the secondary character’s good end.

[font_awesome icon=”fa-magic”] Lucky Hours
Below are regular hours where the obtained feminine is double through “Love Lessons.”

Lucky Hours (Japan Time):
7-8 AM [3-4 PM (U.S.)]
12-1 PM [8-9 PM (U.S.)]
10-11 PM [7-8 AM (U.S.)]

[font_awesome icon=”fa-star”] Game Images [font_awesome icon=”fa-star”]

You can download the game for free here: